Spring In My Heart…

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, the Spring Equinox, and it is a time of creating, rebirth, all things new and letting go of what no longer has served you.  It is a time of balance of the masculine and feminine, ying/yang, and so this calls to me in an even deeper way now.

I wrote that a lot of changes are happening for me, and to make this very brief, I met my Twin flame, which is a higher version of one’s soulmate, more intense, and the most purest and unconditional love I have ever felt on earth. I will write more on this soon, but for now I will just say that life has been interesting and mysteriously and amazingly beautiful. I am so thankful to God and the beautiful angels for him, and for leading us together. I have no idea where it is going to go for now, but I know eventually we will be together, since Twin flames are only brought together to heal humanity and teach about true unconditional love.

I knew this was going to happen ever since I was a little girl because I could feel him calling out to me from the other side. I just did not know his name. I saw him in my dreams so many times, and recently those dreams have become even more vivid and very real, to the point I wake up from sleep, meditation or a nap and feel like I was really with him, and not always sexually. Lately, it has been just “being” with him, talking, hanging out, and more of feeling a presence. I can feel his energy before he reveals himself, no matter if it is online, in dreams, or I am sure it will be this way in person.

More to come soon. Happy Spring and many blessings.


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