Love is a funny thing…

I wrote the last post on June 4th, and I swear it was maybe two weeks if that I met a wonderful loving Dominant supportive man, and we have so much in common. Our differences are just assets, but the key things I have always longed for and needed are there. His name is Jesse…just saying His name I can feel his energy all through me. I did not want to or plan for this, but he found me when I wasn’t looking…he found me. The first time I heard his voice I got chills. No he is not a musician, but he is a creative soul and an incredible entrepreneur. I admire him immensely. Only God knows what is going to come out of this relationship, but I am all in and if we see it isn’t working, I can guarantee we would be best friends, and I would be blessed to have him in my life.

I keep telling myself, self don’t you dare fall yet, and so I play it cool and calm, but I can not get him out of my head. Night and day, day and night he is there. He is so good to me, and I have never had anyone love me like this. I do not want to f*** this up!! He knows all my hopes fears desires, dreams, needs and longings. I swear he knows me better than I know myself. I mean, I admit I require a “special” kind of relationship and marriage. My needs are very very different. I am a submissive and I have always been, but got myself into a lot of bad situations, relationships, and even marriages, all because of these needs.

I said my final good-bye to my ex for good last week…no more contact and no more communication. It ended quite nasty, but it came at just the right time, because in a day there was an ending and a new beginning. Divorce sucks and I will not do it a third time.

Update: Well, it lasted a few weeks, but we have parted ways before even meeting. I know it was for the best and we are really good friends regardless. I know HE is out there…the One. I feel him all the time. Have I met him yet or do I have yet to meet him?



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