The Journey As A CINHC/Mind Body Soul Coach


Hello! I am Penny, and I started on this path when I was about 19 or 20 years old. In 2000/2001 I even studied nutrition with a school in GA.  I can remember even having such a strong interest in health/science/nutrition as young as grade school. It seems my life has always revolved around 3 things…God, Music, and Health/Nutrition. It is only recently that I have realized how all of it is really who I am and not just interests or hobbies. They are all soul-stirring passions that are now just blazing.

This is my purpose in life and I have taken many different paths that have all led here. Some of the paths came from decisions and choices that I made, but most have come from personal experience. I have done everything from being a worship/music director, and performer, to a voice and piano instructor, and now to being a holistic nutritionist and health coach. I am still doing all these things.  I graduated from The Integrative Nutrition Institute and going further in my studies.

“You are what you eat”, both literally and spiritually.

The American diet today is awful! We need to get back to the basics of life and this means eating natural whole foods, avoiding processed and packaged foods, eating organic when supposed to(The Clean 15/Dirty Dozen), no refined sugars/flour, NO trans fats and eating healthy good for you and your waistline fats. There is also the eating only grass-fed meats/wild caught/organic high quality meats when you do eat meat, and little to no dairy. If you do have dairy have the real full fat kind that is organic and grass-fed. Today I try to eat more plant-based foods because it seems to work right now. We go through seasons and cycles and what worked before may no longer work and vice versa.

As a holistic nutritionist and health coach I do not believe in a one-size fits all eating plan/wellness plan. I think that it is a very personal thing and it depends on that person’s needs. I do not endorse just one way of eating…vegan,  vegetarian, paleo, low carb, etc. What I do endorse is a whole foods, clean-eating, eating REAL food plan. This works for my myself as well as for many others that I can give you evidence and pure fact of improvement. I am a MS(Multiple Sclerosis thriver, as well as others that go along with this, and I have never taken any of the Western Medicine  pharmaceuticals for with the exception of medications for Migraines and Arthritis. I try to get to the root of the problem and not just put a band-aid over the symptoms. It is true. I have my good and bad days, and when I get a cold, virus, or flu, I really get a dozy of it, and that this last time lasted over 3 weeks. I know when sickness is going around that I avoid places with a lot of people when my system is low from a previous cold, flu, or virus, etc. I know I have a weak immune system and this is why I take all this nutrition and  “we are what we eat” thing seriously. I want to live an abundant and ideal life the very best I can. There is NO status quot for us!!! I will not settle for a slow immune system, metabolism, or anything of the sort. I hate missing events sometimes, but I listen to my body  When its flu season and everyone is hacking and coughing I stay in. I know some will not understand, and that is okay.

One of the books that affected my health greatly was The Gold Coast Cure by Dr. Andy and Ivy Larson. Years later they came out with The Clean Cuisine Diet which is not just a diet but a lifestyle. I highly recommend it because it is what has worked for me with the MS and my ex-Husband lost over 90 pounds in less than a year eating this way. It is an anti-inflammatory diet, and that is what we need. You have nothing to lose by eating anti-inflammatory foods, and mostly plant-based.

Remember this:

There is NO perfect diet, supplement, or exercise program for everyone. I know what works for me and together we will find what works for you.



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