Being Authentically Me…


Being authentic  to who I really am, and coming from the depths of my heart and soul, all the way into the very core of me, is essential not just for being in the present, but also for my own sanity. Being authentic to who I have always been brings in more abundance and prosperity, and not just speaking material things here. Abundance to me is living that abundant life…mindfully physically emotionally and spiritually. It is  living in “the Vortex”  as Abraham-Hicks calls it. (The Higher Frequencies) It is living in that beautiful state of higher vibrations, and yet feeling safe and content even in the lower vibrations, and not staying in those lower energies. After all, even as a mind body soul/spirit coach, life is definitely not all rainbows and unicorns.

   One day last year, I looked in the mirror and I said “I love you, but something is wrong….what’s wrong?” It was months later when I realized that answer. The last several months life has been interesting for me, and there have been so many ups and downs, it felt like a damn amusement park ride. , and that has Everything from Twin Flames, health challenges to divorce. Right before my Birthday I got a mild concussion made my daily movement a challenge still, as I have to be gentle with myself still and slowly work back up to where I was. I turned 39…enough said. No one ever believes I am even 30. Most people assume I am in my twenties. I take after my Mother and her Father, they never even got gray hair really. My mom does not look her age either…good genes. As for the divorce…Yep, that happened once again. I was living a lie and it wasn’t about not being happy, which I was not, it was because it was hurting my soul.

I kept it all in and remained silent, even my Sis and my Mother really had no idea. I had not felt like creating and playing music that much since I got married in 2013. That should have been a red flag, but it was not. There were so many reasons why it led to a divorce, but to make it easier, let’s just call it “irreconcilable differences” that was the grounds in the settlement. I suppose one could say. I can feel my Twin Flame…my soulmate or whomever has been in my energetic field this whole time.

A Twin Flame connection is not a  connection that pacifies the Ego, in fact, it does the opposite. The Ego is that inner little child, your “inner soul”, and all it wants is your attention. It is scared and dwells in the emotions and keeps you in your head. It dwells in the lower vibrations, while the Twin Flame connection dwells from higher vibrations. It is your “Higher Self” that connects with them. There is no room for the lower vibrations and negative energy, and it is the one thing that can block you and your Twin Flame. So daily I do clearing and meditation, and I work on my energy with energy healing. I give myself the love that I have always wanted but never received totally. I treat myself the way I want my Twin Flame/ Soulmate to treat me. I connect with my Twin Flame telepathically all the time, and send them love and energy. We connect and have this beautiful 5 -D connection, and it is unlike anything I have ever felt or known. I admit sometimes my damn ego tries to take the lead, and I just remind myself this is not like ANY relationship I have ever had. Sure, I want us to move into #D and this all become our present and the manifested reality. My heart chakra is always bursting with so much love…unconditional love. Even if they were to be with someone else, they are still my Twin Flame eternally, and nothing will change that. I know I will meet them soon.

Have you caught on my theme with the colors yet? I am taking you on a little journey of the seven basic chakras, and how easily you can see they impact everything. One of my other weak chakras is my Solar Plexus because I gave my power away all the time. I ignored that little funny feeling in my tummy for a long time. If I could tell you one thing, it is please listen to that feeling, and don’t forget your inner strength, cause it is there. This chakra was blocked for me for a very long time. I felt stuck and I felt frozen, and instead of admitting it, I just tossed off to the side and would do my energy work, affirmations, pray, meditate, and all those things that are cornerstones for me, and ignore that I was hurting, really hurting. I faked a smile for years, and that is not authentic I know. I thought becoming a certified health coach would help, but no, it started awakening me to those things I had been hiding deep inside. I was that caged dove that was losing her song.

Once I met my Twin Flame(energetically), my sacral chakra was on fire. I was writing again. I was back into my creative self, and all that was happening is he was just reflecting me back to me, because your Twin Flame is you and you are him. The more his creative and passionate juices flow, the more I feel it and it runs all through me. I am absolutely on fire and he is the gasoline. There is no doubt he ignites me inside and out, sexually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He heard my soul song, and I would even say more like the Primal scream. It is such a beautiful thing having someone “get me”! I won’t even wonder how someone I have never physically met, but then again I have felt like I had known them before. So I did a past life regression, and we were lovers. I was married to a very cruel wealthy man, Dr. I think, and he pushed me off our balcony, but I did not die. I was hurt badly, and could not walk for a while. My beautiful Twin Flame, Peter was his name, nursed me back to health. I still remember when we met. I was his student, and he was taught by the great Chopin. At one time I had thought that was him, but no, he was taught by him, and so I fell in love with my music teacher. I was an opera singer but my husband that was cruel did not like me doing music or singing. In the end we run away together and I have his child, actually we had twins, but I had a hard labor and lost one.

This was all making sense to me now, all the fears and phobias, and why I am the way I am with some things. The student is now the teacher, and I have been doing this since April 1998. I have been an avid listener of Chopin ever since my Senior year in Highschool. Now this gets interesting here because I did indeed have this massive crush for Mr. Maddy, my Music Theory and Piano Teacher, but fell for another pianist, and ever since I have felt connected in relationships with musicians, singers, songwriters, and I was never seeking that, at least not consciously. I was remembering my life with my Twin Flame, and how our souls were music. We were and are the music. God makes the music(Us) and we create music because it is us and we want to share that with the world. My fear of heights are because I was pushed and fell from a very high balcony of the  gorgeous mansion I was living in, not playing or singing in front of my ex husband or the man I was engaged to for three years, just made my stomach always tie up in knots and so I did not do it. I remember performing with my soulmate Jay, that passed away last Sept, with my then boyfriend, and fucking up so bad. I played the chords to “Baby Blue” wrong and threw both of us off. It was awful, but I kept going and Jay just smiled at me and al, never let me give up. That was from my husband in that past life not allowing me to do my music. I was always afraid to have a child because I have always felt that it would be a hard, if not deadly labor. Not being able to walk in that past life, makes sense because in May 2003 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I had a hard time walking on my own for a few months or so.

In conclusion of this very long post, so much has happened indeed, but it was finding my Twin Flame that brought me back to the authentic self, and it feels like I am home. Now, I know that there may be a chance we never connect in 3D in this life, and one or both of us could be with another or even married, but nothing will change this unconditional love and our amazing connection…nothing, and we will find each other…we always do.