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Long Time No Blog…





Let me first say Happy New Year to my Readers and Followers!
Life has been truly an adventure since the divorce this past May. I ended up finding/meeting the love of my life, and been in blissful union since. In the past I admit even as a CINHC I wasn’t perfect. I made a lot of bad decisions when it came to my own lifestyle. I now have someone in my life that keeps me in line, motivates, inspires, and is the best therapy a woman like myself could ask for. He is my mirror and holds me accountable and reminds me daily to “know thyself”, one of the eight rules that govern our lives together and individually. Right now we are working on our first book together. The Psychiatrist and The Nutritionist/Health Coach….Sounds like music to my ears.
What are our rules you ask?

Mike and Penny’s 8 Keys to Success

1. Know thy self
· Be honest and true to yourself and others
· Do what you need to do for you
· Do not compromise needs or honesty, no matter what
· Be firm but understanding in communicating those needs

2. Don’t mind the naysayers
· Ignore negativity and criticism
· Do not indulge others’ selfish needs or demands of you

3. Don’t be afraid to fail
· Be courageous and bold, even if you fail brilliantly
· No fear!
· Learn from failure

4. Break the rules (not the laws)
· There are no hard and fast social rules that *must* be followed
· Do and accomplish what others believe you can not, in your own ways. Communication that breaks the rules should be driven by communicating needs (see Rule #1)

5. Eat healthfully
· Eat clean and whole foods
· Limit processed foods, fast food, heavily refined products, caffeine, alcohol, avoid GMO products, too big of meals or inappropriately-sized portions, excess nitrates, fatty foods, carbohydrates, carbonated and sugary beverages, M.S.G. and high sodium products, high fructose and corn syrup, and unnatural sugar substitutes

6. Manage stress level
· Channel positivity
· Ignore negativity
· Clear energy, reset chakras, employ guided meditation

7. Work hard

8. Always give back




Starting Fresh Again


I will make this very quick and brief. The end of 2016 was a BIG step and now in 2017 it is all new. There will be new posts periodically. This page will be about everything from music to nutrition and energy. Please excuse the clutter will fixing it all up.